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SNAP food benefits

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP,) commonly known as food stamp benefits, is a government run program to assist families with food costs. SNAP Benefits allow individuals and families to purchase food items at an authorized retail store. While the benefits vary depending on monthly income and number of family members, this program is a great help for many – especially in this economy.


How do SNAP Benefits work?

Those eligible to receive SNAP benefits receive a card, much like a debit or credit card, called the EBT card. Each month the funds will be loaded and become available for use. Families can then go to an authorized grocery store, shop and purchase the food items with the card.

When in the check-out line, families will swipe the EBT card and select the EBT option. From there, they will select food, enter their pin and pay. The EBT card for SNAP Benefits allow families a convenient and discreet option when it comes to paying for their balance.


Am I Eligible for SNAP Benefits?

Adults who meet certain criteria and are between the ages 18 and 50 may be eligible for SNAP Benefits. Generally benefits are given for three to three-year time periods, to help those struggling with a job loss or other low-income situation. SNAP benefits may be given for a shorter or longer duration depending on income level, children and age. General eligibility requirements include:
• Household member must be U.S. Citizens or legal aliens.
• Household members must be able to provide a social security number.
• Able-bodied adults over 20 must be involved in a job training program unless pregnant or disabled.
• Meet low-income requirements.


Emergency SNAP Benefits

In certain circumstances, some households may be eligible for emergency SNAP benefits. If filed under an emergency status, the application will be expedited to speed up the process.
To be eligible for emergency SNAP benefits, households must meet strict requirements. These requirements include:
• A household with less than $100 worth of resources.
• A household with a monthly income of $150 or less.
• A family with resources and monthly income which are less than the most recent monthly expenses. This includes rent or mortgage and utility bills.
• A family which includes a seasonal or migrant worker who has less than $100 in income and/or resources.


How Much SNAP Benefits Can I Receive?

The amount of SNAP benefits available to you each month will vary depending on your income level and family size. However, a family of four can expect to receive roughly $400, or a maximum of $668. Below is a full list of what family size can expect to receive in SNAP benefits each month:
• Family of 1: $100 with a maximum of $200 per month.
• Family of 2: $280 with a maximum of $367 per month.
• Family of 3: $400 with a maximum of $526 per month.
As you can see, the amount you may receive may vary. Keep in mind SNAP benefits are designed to supplement your food costs, not replace them.

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