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Texas’ News

- West, Texas, EMT Arrested For Possessing Bomb Parts

A recent blast at a West, Texas, fertilizer plant killed 14 people and injured over 200. Authorities for the city arrested an EMT for allegedly possessing bomb-making materials….

- Aging Cast Iron Pipeline A Concern For Dallas Residents

A ruling by state regulatory officials will allow Atmos Energy to continue using more than 600 miles of cast iron pipeline in the Dallas, Texas area despite concerns over the stability of the material. The use of cast iron pipe has been considered unstable for more than 40 years due to deterioration which can lead to dangerous leaks….

- Obama Brings Attention To Manufacturing

President Obama recently headed to Austin, Texas to talk about manufacturing. During his stay he talked about executive orders designed to strengthen the manufacturing industry. If successful, the new orders could lead to job creation and growth….

- Things Are Looking Up In Texas

President Obama visited Texas on Thursday. He gave a speech talking about the young people of the United States. In order for the nation to succeed….

- 10 Tornadoes Devistate North Texas

Ten tornadoes moved across the Northern Texas area of Granbury, Cleburne and Millsap. The category 4 storms left a trail of destruction which many described as resembling a war zone. Scattered debris left many streets….

- Texas House In Huge Lottery Debate

The Texas House was embroiled in a huge debate about the state lottery.

A lot of people want to get rid of the state lottery even though it brings over 1 billion dollars to the state annually….

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